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2nd Sanya marine culture festival opens

Date: 2012.11.16 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The 2nd Sanya marine Cultural Festival opening ceremony kicked off in the Mid-Peninsula Yacht Harbor in Sanya at 9:30 on November 15, opening the prelude to the 2012 Marine Culture Festival.


Lasting for one month, the festival is held from November 15 to December 17 and includes five main events: Sanya International Honor Lifestyle Show 2012, International Yachting Models Pageant 2012, Essay contest and awards, 2012 World Yacht Forum, the 6th Sanya International Yacht Expo.


Sanya is at the south edge of Hainan Island, south China's Hainan Province. It was always considered the place at the end of the earth or the parallels of heaven, earth and water altogether. Sanya has turned into a modern international city for tropical beach tourists. China’s most beautiful luxury resorts and spas, hotels and condos are gathering along the sandy bays here, all are designed and built by incredible tries and no-vanishing images for best experience and vibrant lifestyle.