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2020 Beijing International Film Festival opens

Date: 2020.08.24 Author: Celia Tang

The 10th Beijing International Film Festival opens on August 22. The festival attracts nearly 5,000 movies from 90 countries and regions to contend for its top honors. The festival will last until August 29, with the presentation of Tiantan Awards, which is the top honors, to winners ranging from best picture to actors selected by nearly 50 Chinese and foreign filmmakers.


The festival is held after the reopen of the domestic theaters. Due to COVID-19 and control measures, the festival canceled the opening ceremony and red carpet, usually a dazzling moment to bring stars together. Instead, it held a launch ceremony in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.


The film screening this year is divided into four parts: online screening, TV screening, cinema screening, and outdoor screening. More than 300 excellent films from home and abroad will be on shown. Also, 10 theme forums will be held, inviting about 80 leaders, well-known filmmakers, experts and scholars to deliver speeches to discuss new trends, new directions, and new paths in the development of the film industry.