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2019 Shanghai Tourism Festival will be held in September

Date: 2019.07.25 Author: Charles Wang

According to the organizers of Shanghai Tourism Festival, this year’s festival is planned to be held on September 14, from mid-September to early October.


The opening ceremony will be presented in a way of grand parade at 7:30pm on September 14, with 33 performing groups and 25 festooned vehicles from 25 countries and regions presenting the performance. During the festival, Shanghai will launch over 100 interactive activities, including holding corresponding food festival and music festival, receiving contributions of photographic works featuring Shanghai, holding wedding ceremony for couples on cruises, and offering special discounts on tickets, star-rated hotels, and high-standard home stays of top tourists destinations. Shanghai also corporates with neighboring friendly cities to boost tourism on attractions along The Belt and Road, and performance teams are also invited to give special shows.


The festival will last until October 6, and it is the 30th Shanghai Tourism Festival. The festival was first held in 1990, with a frequency of once a year afterward. The last year’s 2018 festival drew over 12.7 million tourists from home and abroad.