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The longest glass bridge in Chongqing opened to public

Date: 2018.09.04 Author: Celia Tang

The longest glass bridge in Chongqing started the trail operation on August 28th. It is located in Chongqing Yinglong Gorge of the Qiaoping Mountain, Banan District. With a length of 230 meters, it is also the first 5D glass bridge in Chongqing. The center of the glass bridge is about 160 meters from the ground. Visitors can also stand on the bridge to view the canyon.


The construction work of the glass bridge began from last July. According to the person in charge of the scenic spot, the safety inspection work and the supporting facility construction had been carried out immediately after the completion of the glass bridge.


The glass bridge was suspended between the mountains, connecting the two sides of the canyon with its long body. Accompanied by a breeze, stepping on the glass bridge, under the foot is the deep canyon. The glass also reflects the blue sky and white clouds, very comfortable, attracting visitors to take pictures.


In addition, since March this year, the scenic spot upgraded the 3D effect of the glass bridge into a 5D. The constructers used optical parallax caused by 5D magical art crafts to create a different landscape effect, displaying the scenery multi-dimensionally, so ordinary glass becomes bright, colorful and gorgeous. When the person stands on it, the instantaneous change of the glass will stimulate the tourists.