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Yangzhou Attractions

  • Slender West Lake

    Slender West Lake

    The Slender West Lake, located in the northern suburbs of Yangzhou, is on the State Council’s list of key historical and cultural sites in China. It is a beautiful Chinese water-based garden with a perfect blend of strength and elegance. Read more>>
  • Heyuan Garden

    Heyuan Garden

    Built during the Guangxu reign period (1875-1908) of the Qing Dynasty, Heyuan Garden is one of the famed gardens in Yangzhou. Heyuan Garden is known for its zigzag paths and winding corridors, and the construction style shows the combination of the Chinese and Western architecture arts. Read more>>
  • Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling King

    Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling King

    Museum of Guangling King’s Tomb in Han Dynasty also called Mausoleum of Han Dynasty of Yangzhou. Locating in the east of the Slender West Lake site in Yangzhou, it is a cultural and human landscape of historical relics and traditional gardens, reflecting economic and culture of Han Dynasty in Yangz... Read more>>
  • Ge Garden

    Ge Garden

    Situated in Yangzhou city, Ge Garden is the best-preserved garden with an outstanding artistic value and the longest history. It is a representative of private gardens of the Ming and Qing dynasties in Yangzhou due to its unique design and artistic charm. When people visit the garden, they will get ... Read more>>
  • Daming Monastery

    Daming Monastery

    Scatted along the Slender West Lake, Daming Monastery in Yangzhou is a well-renowned attraction for tourists worldwide. Daming Temple has been a famous attraction for hundreds of years. Part of its appeal lies in its sites of historical and cultural importance. Many famous Chinese poets visited the ... Read more>>
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