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Wudang Mountain & Taiji Tours

  • Wudang Mountain Taiji Tour
    Wudang Mountain Taiji Tour - 5 Days Wudang Mountain This 5-day Taiji tour will definitely give you new release from pressure and make balanced achievement between you and nature! You can learn more about Daoism, practice Taiji from masters, and feel the inner peace in historical and beautiful Wudang Mountain. Details
  • Wudang Mountain Taiji Summer Camp
    2016 Wudang Mountain Taiji International Summer Camp - 6 Days Wudang Mountain Having a new experience in historical and beautiful Wudang Mountain! This summer camp is suitable for child who is 6-16 years old, owning mysterious and joyful Kungfu dream. Children can learn how to practice Taiji from masters here with fun, how to make a cup of tea, and how to play Chinese traditional Guqin. This special summer camp will definitely give children a deep impression and lasting memories! Details
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