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Travel 260 cities in China with one single metro card

Date: 2019.06.28 Author: Charles Wang

According to the Ministry of Transport, an nationwide public transit card will be usable on bus and subways in over 260 cities by the end of the year.


This action significantly improves convenience of travelling between different cities by eliminating the need of holding several different metro cards for the usage in every cities. Before, travelers could be annoyed by not knowing which city is every card for; however, travelers now would not be bothered by messing up with cards. The only thing you need to do is to have a card, and enjoy your trip.


Wu Chungeng, the spokesperson of Ministry of Transport, also announced that the ministry is about to launch 12 action plans in order to improve livelihoods of people this year, including six in the transportation service sector. 5,000 villages will be having access to long-distance buses. 


The plan introduces that China is striving to achieve an overall connection between public transportation of urban and rural area in every city by 2020.