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Tibet to open the high-speed bullet trains in July

Date: 2021.03.12 Author: Celia Tang

China's Tibet Autonomous Region is expected to start operating the bullet trains before July 1, marking the opening of high-speed train services in all Chinese mainland provincial-level regions.


A 435-kilometer railway linking to the regional capital of Lhasa will run Fuxing trains powered by both the internal-combustion and electricity. The railway has a designed speed of 160 kilometers per hour, according to its constructor Tibet Railway Construction Co., Ltd.


The railway’s construction work was started in 2014, connecting Lhasa with Nyingchi in the eastern Tibet. It is the first electrified railroad in Tibet and is slated to begin operations in June 2021. The track-laying work was completed by the end of 2020.


China has the most developed high-speed railway networks in the world. China aims to extend the total length in operation to around 50,000 kilometers by 2025, up from 37,900 kilometers by the end of 2020.