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The traffic network of Beijing Daxing International Airport to be finished

Date: 2018.12.29 Author: Celia Tang

Beijing Daxing International Airport, located 46 kilometers south of downtown Beijing. It sits at the junction of Beijing's Daxing District and Langfang, a city in neighboring Hebei Province. The new airport is scheduled to start operation since September 30th, 2019. It is designed to take pressure off the overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport in the northeastern suburbs.


On December 28th, the first stage of the construction work has been completed. Four runways in the new airport all have been finished. The navigational lighting system will start the debugging stage soon.


According to the Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office, apart from the runways, the first phase of the subway, with a total length of 41.36 kilometers, has come to the final construction stage with the completion of its three stations. A high-speed railway will also be built to connect the new airport with Tianjin City, which is 120 kilometers east of Beijing. The planned railway will enable a 36-minute ride from the new airport to Tianjin.


Beijing Daxing International Airport, which will be the capital's second international airport, aims to be a transportation hub on the southern outskirts in Beijing. Next year will see a great leap forward in the integration of the transport network in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region