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The issue time of Tibet Travel Permit to be cut in the future

Date: 2019.01.11 Author: Celia Tang

According to the official of Tibet autonomous region, Tibet plans to cut the issue time of the Tibet Travel Permit to overseas tourists by half this year, which intends to attract more overseas tourists.


Tibet government will further develop the tourism industry in the future. Improving the service and management of the overseas tourists will be a part of the measures to develop the regional tourism, said by the chairman of the regional government, Qi Zhala, in his government work report delivered on January 10th at the second session of the 11th People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region.


Tibet plans to attract 40 million visits from tourists this year, up from 33.69 million in 2018, and increase the number of overseas pilgrims visiting Tibet by 50 percent in 2019


Currently, all the foreign travelers are required to have Tibet Travel Permit in order to enter Tibet, in addition to a China Visa. It normally takes at least 15 working days now to receive the permits after submitting all the documents to the Tibet government. The extra requirement of Tibet Travel Permit is based on Tibet's unique ethnic traditions, cultural heritage, reception capacity and ecological protection needs.