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The first 5G railway station to be built in Shanghai

Date: 2019.02.21 Author: Celia Tang

The world’s first “5G railway station” will come into service at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station later this year. The railway station will deliver easy connection to the Internet via the super-fast network for all passengers in a public place for the first time.


“Hongqiao Railway Station is leading the 5G commercial deployment in Shanghai,” according to Zhang Jianming, the vice director of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology. The station will show how 5G applications can improve the experience of traveling and offer real benefits to the public. It will also help to speed up data transmission in more aspects of the digital economy, according to Zhang.


The commercial use of 5G will come much faster than most people expected. Hongqiao Railway Station is a large-scale, fully-functioning, integrated rail hub with advanced facilities and the highest level of modernization of the Hongqiao Traffic Transit Hub. Known as one of the largest railway stations in China, the passenger flow at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai reaches 200,000 per day. Supported by informational infrastructure, the station is on the highway of making intelligent service.