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The exhibition of Chinese antiques opens

Date: 2020.11.03 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, SALS, a cultural institution in Beijing, creates an artistic and serene living atmosphere at its exhibition space at this year's Guardian Fine Art Asia Expo in Beijing.


On shown are the objects of antiquity and contemporary designs inspired by the forms, color schemes and philosophies of ancient Chinese works of art.


According to Xiu Zhe, the founder of SALS and a designer, the works on display present the brilliance of color arrangements that distinguishes ancient Chinese arts and crafts, the beauty of which is even enhanced by the appearance of red, orange, brown and green rust accumulated over centuries. The exhibition also conveys the core values of aesthetics, literature and Buddhism held dear to the ancient Chinese, which have been inherited by modern designers to connect the past and present in their works.


The charm of Chinese antiques is not only derived from the dexterity of a variety of handicrafts. The objects also reflect how their users in ancient times viewed the relationship between humans and nature, as well as how they lived a cultured and elegant life to achieve harmony with the world.