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The exhibition about the Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto opens in Beijing

Date: 2021.04.28 Author: Celia Tang

On March 19, the largest and most comprehensive exhibition to date devoted to the famous Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto, opens at the M Woods Art Gallery in Beijing. The exhibition runs until to August 8.


Born in 1952 in Tokyo, Ryuichi Sakamoto is a composer, singer, songwriter, record producer, activist and actor. Almost all the roles he has played in his nearly 70 years are strongly related to sound, and such a career path is deeply influenced by his habit of intent listening.


The exhibition also includes the outdoor installations that have been modified especially for the gallery, Sensing Streams (2014/2021). It's originally made in 2014 with Daito Manabe, a Japanese artist.


The exhibition wishes to provide a unique way to understand the album, and the chance to physically "enter" the music through a space designed by Sakamoto and collaborators.