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The exhibition about fire opens in Chongqing

Date: 2020.11.17 Author: Celia Tang

 Recently, a special furniture exhibition was held at the MIXC in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing.


The exhibition shows the exhibits of furniture, home appliances, clothing and digital products that had been completely destroyed by the fire. A bed and sofa that was burned down to an empty shelf, burnt-out appliances.


Jiulongpo Fire and Rescue Brigade completed “Leave the Body Behind - Fire Warning Installations Art Exhibition” using the four-dimensional creative concept of fact-based, cautionary approach, art carrier and propaganda for the purpose of the 119 National Fire Safety Month in 2020.


Collected from real fire scenes by Jiulongpo Fire and Rescue Brigade, these exhibits on shown were the most familiar furniture, home appliances, clothing and digital products in our daily lives, but they were all gone because of fire, making people shocked and reinforcing the warning effect.