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The 41st Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition opens

Date: 2020.10.29 Author: Celia Tang

The 41st Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be held from October 22 to November 8 at Chanfu Temple in Beihai Park. A total of 1,500 specimens of nearly 500 species of various chrysanthemums are on display during the exhibition. The chrysanthemum exhibition also shows the chrysanthemum culture and cultivation techniques to visitors, and creates a platform for communication, learning and display for chrysanthemum lovers.


The chrysanthemums on display are mainly the traditional varieties in Beijing. The exhibition also displayed 80 small chrysanthemum bonsais, and 12 flower arrangements with chrysanthemum as the main flower material.


The self-breeding varieties Qionghua Fengwu and Qionghua Feihai in Beihai Park require high cultivation techniques and are highly ornamental. Starting in 2019, with the support of the Capital Greening Office, Beihai Park and Dongsi Street have jointly launched the Chrysanthemum Intangible Heritage Project.