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The 27th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival Draws Near

Date: 2010.12.30 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The 27th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is to be officially opened on January 5, 2011 in the capital city of Heilongjiang Province and will last to February 28, 2011, Harbin Tourism Administration says.

The festival consists of over 100 activities this year. Apart from the regular annual events like skiing and snow sculpture competition, there will be international snow wedding ceremony, snow film festival, winter swimming competition and Asian Ice Hockey League sports.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival has been held 26 sessions and is held annually from January 5 every year. As one of the world's four grandest ice and snow festivals, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. The activities of the festival are rich and colorful, including Ice and Snow World in Sun Island, Ice-lantern Exhibition in Zhaolin Park and Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Sun Island.

As a prelude to the festival, the 37th Harbin Ice Lantern Festival has already opened in Zhaolin Park along with daily snow and ice activities and programs of folk culture from northern China. Visitors can enjoy, for free, the 13 entertainment facilities, including 4D films, during the festival.

The 23rd Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Sun Island Scenic Area featuring Italian architecture, culture and art has also started. The expo offers tours of exploration, adventure and culture as three main themes.