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The 2020 Chinese Opera Culture Week opens

Date: 2020.12.03 Author: Celia Tang

On November 14, 2020, the 2020 (Fourth) Chinese Opera Culture Week opens in Chang'an Grand Theater and Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchange Center. The event was hosted by the Chinese Opera Culture Week Organizing Committee, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the CPC Beijing Fengtai District Committee and the People’s Government of Beijing Fengtai District.


The event is based on the art of Peking opera and features the interactive experiences. The organizer has carefully planned activities such as Peking opera cultural experience, Peking opera facial makeup experience, Peking opera art exhibition, Peking opera art class, Peking opera performance, etc., aiming to allow more children to learn and experience Peking opera.


While promoting and disseminating the traditional Chinese cultures represented by Peking Opera, the festival also focuses on cultural formats and cross-border innovation, using high-tech means to achieve a full range of vision, hearing, touch, and taste. People can feel the artistic charm of the Chinese traditional culture represented by Peking Opera through the festival.