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SuperNature exhibition opens in Macao

Date: 2020.02.14 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the Japanese art collective's SuperNature exhibition at The Venetian Macao. The exhibition will run until the end of March. The show is created by Tokyo's art collective teamLab, who is one of the world's leading creative practitioners.


The exhibition - SuperNature, is a single, massive world comprised of works of art, which aims to explore new perceptions of the world and ideas of continuity between humans and nature. The art collective transforms the space into a 3D world with varying elevations, as it becomes a "body immersive" museum focused on a group of works that blur boundaries between people's bodies and art. 


The exhibition includes various different teamLab ecosystems. Through The Infinite Crystal Universe, people can use their phones to select elements that make up the universe by dragging and releasing them. People will become a part of the artworks themselves. People can make creative choices about how they see and what they see, blurring perceptions between appearance and reality, and of the self and the world.