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Smart toilets in trial operations at Shanghai Hongqiao Station

Date: 2017.09.08 Author: Rosie Wu

Recently, a new smart-toilet system has been put into trial operations at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The system aims to avoid the problem of long queues of people waiting outside the toilets, especially in public holidays and peak periods.


Passengers at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station will now be able to see the real time 'occupancy' situation, and will be directed to the next available cubicle. When the green light is on, it means the cubicle is ready for use. A red light indicates that the cubicle is in use.


A staff member at the station says the intelligent guidance system has been in use for around two weeks, making it easier and quicker for passengers to use the facilities. The station plans to install this smart system to all the toilets if it proved to be successful.