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Sino-Russia Pop Music Festival to Debut in Beijing Next May

Date: 2017.11.17 Author: Jacqueline Li

Jointly organized by Russian Embassy and Committee of the music festival, the first-ever Sino-Russia Pop Music Festival will debut in Beijing next May. The inaugurating ceremony was held by Russian Embassy on Monday.


During the ceremony, Russian actress Selena Anikieva and Chinese first-class movie producer Zhou Xuanyu introduced the music festival. Over 20 Chinese musicians and singers, as rock star Cui Jian, pianist Lang Lang, popular singer Zu Hai, Wang Feng, Li Yuchun, Pu Shu as well as rock band Escape Plan, will performance on stage by then. Russian world-class pianist Yury Rozum, famous actress Selena Anikieva and other first-rate artists will also participate in the performance.


The first Sino-Russian Pop Music Festival will meet the public in Beijing next May. The second will come up soon in Russia next July with the same lineup.


This musical event aims to advance Sino-Russian multilevel cultural communication, especially in the young generations. The artists, from pop stars to classical musicians, will be an attempt by the festival to bring people from the two countries together in order to strengthen Sino-Russian relations, according to the sponsors.


Related Photography exhibitions and charity auctions will also be rolled out during the festival.