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4th Silk Road International Arts Festival opens in Xi'an

Date: 2017.09.08 Author: Rosie Wu

The 4th Silk Road International Art Festival opened in Xi'an on Sept. 7, with more than 100 countries and regions participating in a number of cultural and artistic activities.


Being unique, continual and global are three characters of the festival. Being unique means it is the only international art festival related to the Silk Road culture, which can set and decide on awards through discussion in China. Being continual reflects in that the festival is held annually in Xi'an since 2014. Joint performances by artists from all over the world demonstrate its internationalism.


The 15-day festival is divided into performances, art exhibitions, cultural forums and road shows. Artists from across 23 countries and regions, as well as 18 provinces, will bring 184 shows in total. Road show is a highlight of the festival. Organizers will arrange more than 70 professional performers to offer more than 100 shows at factories, mines, communities and schools.