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Shanghai opens the art exhibition of Sun Yao

Date: 2021.04.22 Author: Celia Tang


The art exhibition “Neverland: The Latest Works of Sun Yao” opens at the SPSI Art Museum in Shanghai recently. The exhibition is supported by the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute and will run until to April 25.


The exhibition shows 40 paintings, and brings together the artist Sun Yao's abstract painting series Neverland, a collection that began in 2016, and the small painting series Skyline, created during the COVID-19 pandemic.


"Neverland" is another landmark series of works in Sun Yao's artistic career. Since beginning to create these works in 2016, the artist has experienced the serious illnesses in his family, several relocations of his studio and the raging of the COVID-19 pandemic. The turbulence of life and intense pressures made the artist think deeper about "Life and Eternity".