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Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is to Open

Date: 2012.09.19 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The 13th Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is scheduled to light up the sky on 30th September, 3rd October and 6th October. Firework masters from six countries will show the audience the beauty and gorgeousness of fireworks.


Firework show on 30th September is for China and Canada. China will celebrate Mid-autumn day by displaying the tenderness of a moon legend; while Canada will use the firework to show the charm of polar light. Poland and France are displaying on 3rd October, both of whom will tell us the surprise of seasons through the colorful sky. 6th October is set for Italy and Belgium. Two different countries will show different flavors of culture to the public.


Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is held from 2000. It uses China and foreign culture as the soul; takes space visual arts as the charm; puts the new technique as the support, combined the colors, picture, rhythm and the music with the melody and conception perfectly, which make the vision and hearing impressively and artistically.