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Shanghai Exhibition Center opens art bazaar

Date: 2019.05.20 Author: Celia Tang

On May 19th, Shanghai Exhibition Center opens the art and culture bazaar. On the bazaar, a collection of creative designs and merchandise sourced from museums and other cultural and art institutions across the country are showed to the public. Being organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which aims to promote the exchange and help to raise the awareness of innovative designs.


The bazaar is a part of the China Art Festival from May 20th to June 2nd, which shows the items from hundreds of historical and cultural art centers such as The Palace Museum, the National Library of China, Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Grand Theatre. Shanghai Exhibition Center will contribute more than 60 items, such as eye patches, bags, pen and ink suits, scarves and bracelets featuring a blend of Jiangnan and Shanghai styles to the exhibition.


During the art festival, visitors can have the chance to view and buy more than 100 creative products from the Palace Museum. Arts centers and theaters such as the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the National Library also have many exquisite designs to offer, such handmade bowls and porcelain tea sets that feature Kun Opera and silk scarves inspired by the Yongle Canon.