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Several airlines announced the resumption and a number of several international routes

Date: 2022.10.18 Author: Ji Chun

From 30 October,  China civil aviation will officially start the winter and spring flight season. With the approaching of the new season, several airlines have recently released flight plans for the new season, announcing the resumption and addition of a number of international routes.


China Eastern Airlines plans to resume a number of international routes by the end of October, including Shanghai-Bangkok-Qingdao, Hangzhou/Qingdao/Nanjing/Kunming-Tokyo Narita, Qingdao/Nanjing/Yantai-Seoul Incheon, Qingdao-Dubai. From the official start of the winter-spring season on 30 October, China Eastern Airlines plans to increase its weekly passenger international flights to 108.


The new international routes will begin to be implemented from 20 October. China Eastern Airlines will gradually resume and increase international routes such as Hangzhou-Manila and Kunming-Ho Chi Minh in November.


China Southern Airlines said it plans to resume Guangzhou-Jakarta and Dalian-Tokyo Narita routes from October. At the same time, there are additional flights on Guangzhou-Dubai, Guangzhou-Manila, Guangzhou-Bangkok, Guangzhou-Phnom Penh and other routes.


After the resumption and addition, China Southern Airlines international flights will be increased from 71 flights per week to 86 flights per week (2 round-trip flights).


Hainan Airlines said that it will continue to operate a total of 10 round-trip international passenger routes including Beijing - Brussels, Beijing - Moscow, Beijing - Belgrade, Beijing - Berlin, Beijing - Manchester, Chongqing - Rome, Chongqing - Madrid, Shenzhen - Vancouver, Dalian - Tokyo and Dalian-Seoul after the change of season.


At the same time, Chongqing-Rome international flights will be increased to two flights a week. Hainan Airlines will continue to accelerate the resumption of international flights in the winter and spring of 2022 to further meet the entry-exit needs.


Since 7 August, the China civil aviation has adjusted and optimized the circuit breaker measures for international scheduled passenger flights, shortened the circuit breaker time, relaxed the circuit breaker standards and provided more favorable conditions for the resumption of international flights.