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Picasso Art Exhibition opened in Zhejiang

Date: 2018.09.28 Author: Celia Tang

Pablo Picasso is considered as one of the most famous and influential artists in 20th century. Pablo Picasso’s early works are currently displayed at Yuely Art Museum in Jiashan county of Zhejiang Province since September 27th. Visitors can enjoy Picasso's early work, those created in his Spanish hometown and the iconic Guernica-the piece that propelled him to fame. The exhibition will run until November 30th.


Themed as “Picasso-The Formation of a Genius”, the exhibition gathers together 121 pieces produced by the Spanish master as well as five of his mentors, many of which are being exhibited in China for the first time and some are making their worldwide debut. Thirty-four Picasso originals are on display, including an album of more than 100 of his sketches and drawings.


According to the curator of the exhibition, Xu Fenlan, "Unlike most exhibitions presenting Picasso's famous paintings in the middle and late phases of his career, this art show focuses on his early work, which was produced when Picasso was learning at an art school and influenced by the people around him. Some of these pieces haven't even been displayed in Picasso's hometown (Malaga in the Andalusian region of Spain), as his early works are largely owned by private collectors."


Pablo Picasso showed a passion and talent for drawing from an early age, receiving artistic training from his father, a traditional academic artist and instructor, in figure drawing and oil painting from the age of 7. The exhibition provides visitors in China with the diverse cultural and artistic experience, and an opportunity to gain a greater awareness of this great artist and his work.