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National Museum of China opens the bronze ware exhibition

Date: 2020.08.17 Author: Celia Tang

On August 14, National Museum of China opens the exhibition of Baoji City’s bronze wares. On the exhibition, a total of 143 pieces of bronze ware from Shaanxi Province are shown to the public. The exhibition, will last until October 13, and highlights some essential bronze inscriptions.


The bronze wares were mainly from Baoji City, which is renowned as the "home of bronze ware" in the Shaanxi Province. The exhibitors span the major periods of China's Bronze Age, which includes the Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties. People can feel the exquisite craftsmanship of ancient Chinese bronzes, have a deep understanding of the profound cultures of bronzes and inscriptions, and the ideological and moral essence of Chinese excellent traditional cultures.


Shaanxi Province is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese civilization. There are a large number of representative important bronze wares have been unearthed in Baoji City. It represents an important point in the development of Chinese characters, and is also an important material evidence to witness the historical events in the ancient China.