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National Museum of China opens Confucian culture exhibition

Date: 2019.12.30 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, National Museum of China opens the exhibition features on Confucian culture, which will last until March 27, 2020.


The exhibition shows more than 700 pieces of the cultural relics, documents and artworks about Confucian culture to reveal the life and thoughts of Confucius, the development and spread of Confucianism, as well as artworks themed around Confucius.


These artifacts, historic texts and works of art are mainly from the collections of the national museum, including Confucius Museum in Qufu, Shandong Province, the birthplace of the great philosopher; Shandong Museum; Palace Museum and Gansu Museum.


Confucius (551-479 BC) is Chinese philosopher and politician. He founded Confucianism and influential on later generations. He was also the first person in China to set up private schools that enrolled students from different social classes. He also became an important part of Chinese culture, which still influences people until today.