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National Art Museum opens Xiong Bingming artworks exhibition

Date: 2019.12.02 Author: Celia Tang

National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) opens the art exhibition featuring on famous Chinese-French artist and philosopher Xiong Bingming's artwork. Themed as “the Journey of Defining Yourself”, the exhibition will run until December 15th.


The exhibition displays 205 artworks of Xiong Bingming, which include sculptures, oil paintings, prints, sketches, ink paintings, and calligraphy, among others. Xiong is highly accomplished in philosophy, literature, painting, sculpture, and calligraphy. He combines Chinese and Western cultures in his works together and forms a distinctive personal style.


Making important contributions to art development and research of art history, Xiong Bingming was considered as one of the important representatives of overseas Chinese artists in the 20th century.


According to the curator of the National Art Museum of China, Wu Weishan, over the past years, the development of Chinese art has greatly influenced by French culture, which had a huge impact on the transformation of Chinese modern art that blends Chinese and Western cultures.