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Artworks created by printmakers worldwide displayed in Beijing

Date: 2018.01.26 Author: Phyllis Wang

The “Win-Win Cooperation, Belt and Road International Printmaking Invitation Exhibition” was officially launched on Jan. 19, 2018 in Today Art Museum, Beijing. This exhibition aims to further deepen the “Belt and Road” strategy; to bring together artists’ masterpieces from different countries alongside the “Belt and Road”; to make contributions to strengthen cultural exchanges in the form of art. This exhibition lasts until March 8, 2018.


There are 102 prints in total displayed in this exhibition respectively created by printmakers from 51 countries which include Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Iraq, and Nepal and so on. In the course of history, artists formed their own print theme, language and idea.


There will be a donation activity. 51 works will be donated to Today Art Museum for permanent collection. Part of the rest will be donated to art galleries, museums and institutions domestic and overseas, as well as schools, hospitals, libraries and theaters alongside the “Belt and Road”. This exhibition improves the mutual understanding and learning between related countries and enhances their friendships.