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Macao International Martial Arts Festival will be inaugurated on July 24

Date: 2019.07.19 Author: Charles Wang

The opening ceremony of Eighth Macao International Martial Arts Festival will be held in IPM Mutli-sport Pavilion, the stadium of Macau Polytechnic Institute, on July 24. The festival will last for 3 days, and end on July 26.


The main events include Wushu routines, Wushu Sanda, Fitness Qigong, Taekwondo, and so on. Around 100 professional referees are invited to guarantee the fairness of the games. According to authority of the festival, there are so far 2000 athletes and coaches from 160 teams in 11 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, German, India, Japan, and United State, attending the games. Aside from conventional sport events, several forums will also be held to discuss the internationalization of the Chinese traditional Material Art.


The Macao Chinese Traditional Sports Association was established in 2012, with the aim of promoting and carrying forward traditional Chinese sports. In past 7 years, it consecutively held Macao International Martial Arts Festival 7 times, with over 10,000 martial arts professionals from all over the world attended the event and relevant forums.