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Lanzhou City opened Picasso and Dali engravings exhibition

Date: 2018.08.08 Author: Celia Tang

To mark the 45th anniversary of Picasso's death, Masterpieces by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are being exhibited in a museum in Lanzhou City in northwest Gansu Province from August 4th to October 7th.


The exhibition is being held in Gansu Provincial Museum, which contains 124 works of art, including 109 Picasso engravings, and 15 Dali engravings and sculptures. The exhibition aims to help viewers explore art history and the history of the human spirit through Picasso's cubism and Dali's surrealism.


The history of art is also the spiritual development of human beings. Through reading the art works people can get a more vivid understanding of the history. The works of the two talented masters will provide an unforgettable artistic feast to the audience. The exhibition will also attract more visitors to Lanzhou City.