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Kongpo New Year Arrived in Tibet

Date: 2017.11.22 Author: Jacqueline Li

New Year has come down to Kongpo area in SW Tibet Autonomous Region of China since Nov 19, 2017. An included county, Nyingchi, just suffered from a 6.9-magnitude earthquake on Saturday. Thanks to timely rescue efforts, more than 2, 000 local Tibetans have thrown a party in their temporary shelters and celebrated Kongpo New Year.

During Kongpu New Year, which is on Oct 1 in Tibetan calendar, Kongpo residents would hold races among horse-riding, archery and wrestling for men; women would dance and sing all day as well as prepare feasts for their families. In the evening, locals would ignite the campfire to let the dance party begin. The celebration would last until tomorrow morning.

The Kongpo New Year is the earliest New Year amongst Tibet Autonomous Region as well as the most important festival in Kongpo area.