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Image exhibition “Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road” opens in Chongqing

Date: 2019.01.28 Author: Celia Tang

Themed as "Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road”, the image exhibition opens at Zengjiayan Academy from January 24th to March 31st. The exhibition, via video and pictures, shows the 100-year history of Zhongshan 4th Road, a microcosm of Chongqing passing through many eras. The exhibition includes two parts: the documentary "Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road” and the photography exhibition.


The 30-minute documentary narrates the story about three backpackers. Coming from different cities, they reached agreement to meet at Zhongshan 4th Road in Chongqing, so they gathered at Zengjiayan Academy after traveling different routes. The documentary records dozens of landmarks, such as Chaotianmen Wharf, Jiefangbei, Yangtze River Cableway, Chongqing Great Hall of the People, Tongyuanmen, Huangguan Escalator and Sanceng Road, which vividly show Chongqing in aspects of diversified traffic, urban architecture, historical attractions and topographic features.


The photography exhibition are divided into six theme divisions based on its contents, including Memory of War, Famous Schools, Immortal History, Bridge Capital, Passionate Years and City Footprints, with more than 200 works in total. The exhibition not only demonstrates these photographic works taken in different periods, but also the urban development changes through these years.