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Heilongjiang Province opens its first snow-themed train

Date: 2020.02.10 Author: Celia Tang

The first snow-themed train in Heilongjiang Province was launched at the end of January. The train links the capital city Harbin and the Yabuli township, which has reduced the travel time to 2.5 hours from 3 hours.


This 205-kilometer line has become the fastest among all slow trains between the two destinations. 


The whole train is decorated with the elements of ice and snow, such as snow sports, snowflakes, and snowballs. Passengers can put their skiing boards and large luggage in the specially built spaces in the train. The train also provides gloves and scarves for children free of charge. Information about local ski resorts, hotels and tickets is also available to check on the train. 


Yabuli is a town locates in the southeast of Harbin City. It is famous for the Yabuli International Ski Resort, the biggest and best ski resort in China. The resort provides great skiing with high mountains and good snow. Local skiers enjoy the high elevation and the fact that the snow is neither too hard nor too powdery. Every year from November to late March in the next year is the best time to ski at Yabuli International Ski Resort.