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He Xiangning Art Museum opens the art exhibition

Date: 2021.07.20 Author: Celia Tang

Themed as “Take the New Standard”, the art exhibition opens at the He Xiangning Art Museum through October 10.


The art exhibition reflects the rise and fall of fine arts in Yangzhou, a prosperous town in Jiangsu province, for over three centuries since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty.


On the exhibition, there are 80 classical Chinese paintings by preeminent artists from Yangzhou, including the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhouan art group active in the 18th century, whose innovative style was later adopted by the modern Chinese artists.


The Grand Canal helped to boost the business and economic development of Yangzhou, especially salt trade. The Grand Canal attracted the merchants from various regions, and also intellectuals and painters who created brilliant cultures and arts there.