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Handicrafts exhibition opened in National Museum of China

Date: 2018.08.31 Author: Celia Tang

To celebrate the creativity of the Handicrafts, the Fourth Biennial of Modern Chinese Arts and Crafts is opened at the National Museum of China on August 18th. The biennial exhibition will last to September 2nd. The exhibition is co-organized by the Chinese National Academy of Arts and the China Arts and Crafts Galley.


China is home to a variety of handicrafts on as many mediums as one can imagine. And although some of them have died out, many remain alive thanks to innovations initiated by artisans. The event honors contemporary artisans for enlivening traditional crafts.


On show are more than 900 objects, ranging from items carved using jade, wood and stone, porcelain and lacquer ware, glass art, Thangka and classic furniture. These works come from many cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, etc.


The exhibition will fully show the spirit of time and the Chinese traditional arts and crafts in contemporary heritage and development. It will help carry forward the classical and excellent traditional Chinese culture, firm the confidence of socialist culture, and help promote the development of contemporary arts and crafts business.