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Han Meilin opens solo show at Beijing Phoenix Center

Date: 2019.03.14 Author: Celia Tang

Han Meilin opens his solo sculpture show at Beijing Phoenix Center from March 8th to May 7th. Themed as “Infinite Aesthetics - HAN Meilin’s Sculpture World”, the exhibition will show 80 bronze and iron sculptures to visitors.


His works on the exhibition showcase the cultural elements of Chinese ethnic groups, which he has used for inspiration over the years. These sculptures bear a variety of patterns, which Han picked up from ethnic groups over four decades, and they also show his explorations of the abstract style that he has incorporated with his understanding of tai chi and Chinese calligraphy recently.


He once traveled with his friends and students to remote villages to inhabit with ethnic groups. It was these extensive journeys that enabled him to build the abundant connection of pictorial elements from ethnic outfits and daily-use objects.


Han Meilin created Fuwa, as the mascot of 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. He is known for productivity and diligence. His art works include paintings, sculptures and graphic and product designs. Also, he has tried out various materials for art and craft, such as bronze, clay, wood and silk. He usually says, "As an artist, it is never too late to evolve and keep pace with the times."