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Hainan hotels are considering to eliminate disposable room amenities

Date: 2019.07.30 Author: Rita Tam

The tourism industry in Hainan is thriving. According to the statistics in 2018, there are more than 5,000 hotels in Hainan, approximately 300,000 rooms and 500,000 beds in total. More than 100 international hotel brands have started businesses on the island.


To achieve sustainable development, The Hainan Tourist Hotels Association has issued a proposal regarding the reduction of disposals at hotel rooms in the tropical island province, which will start from Sept 1, in the purpose of promoting the green lifestyle and protect the environment.


Starting from Sept 1, disposable items including nail files, razors, shoe polishers, moisturizers, and envelopes, sewing bags, disposable slippers, and cotton swabs will not be provided in all hotel rooms. However, if the guests require these one-off supplies, the hotel will still provide them for free.


To ensure guests receive the message, the association suggests hotels can make their plans and put the notice in places, such as lobbies. It helps to encourage visitors to join this meaningful action.


Problems of using disposables exist for a long time. According to the association, improperly handled hotel disposables can cause an irreversible impact on the environment and can harm human bodies.


The association believes that this action helps travelers to cultivate the sense of using less disposable products and alleviates the problem of wasting in the long term.