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Hainan Airlines restarts Shanghai-Brussels direct flights

Date: 2015.11.17 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Hainan Airlines restarted a direct flight between Shanghai and Brussels on Nov.13. Brussels Airport already confirmed the news and added that the plan would be to fly four times a week using an Airbus A330 or a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.



Hainan airlines arranged flights flew from Shanghai to Brussels in 2010 and 2011. Unfortunately this old exploration was failed. This route was stopped in late 2011 because of its low passenger rate.


The official reveals that Hainan airlines and Brussels airport have been negotiating for many times about the new line. Both two sides are obviously pleased that Brussels and Shanghai would make a further progress. The connection between China and Belgium will be remarkable in the foreseeable future.


The return of the Brussels-Shanghai flight route is a new start for the two sides to have deeper communication and more corporations. By the way, Hainan Airlines already flies from Beijing to Brussels. With this resume route, Hainan Airlines flights landing in Brussels will be added to two.