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Haikou is to Host Hot-air Balloon Wedding Festival

Date: 2012.05.08 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Hosted by Haikou Municipal Government in Hainan province, Haikou is to hold 2012 Haikou Hot-air Balloon Wedding Festival from 9th to 12th June.


Inviting couples from home and abroad, the host is to arrange varieties of wedding activities and a sight-seeing tour. All the couples gathered at Evergreen Park in Haikou will witness the opening ceremony of the wedding festival; enjoy a close contact with colorful hot-air balloons; participate in a group wedding ceremony combined the western style with the Chinese culture, and a lot of other performances as well.


As a hot scenic spot situated in south China, Hainan Island owns a lot of tourist attractions, such as Temple of Five Lords in Haikou, Tianya Haijiao and Yalong Bay in Sanya, Bo'ao Water City and so on.