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Gu'an City Terminal of Beijing Daxing International Airport opens

Date: 2020.10.23 Author: Celia Tang

At 10:38 on September 16, the Gu'an City Terminal of Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially opened.


Gu'an City, only 10 kilometers away from Beijing Daxing International Airport, is an important transportation hub connecting Beijing and Xiong'an New District. The Gu’an City Terminal of Daxing Airport is the first inter-provincial and non-local terminal in China. It is located in the Gu’an Science and Technology Innovation Center, and is at the core of the Jingnan Science and Technology Valley. Complete urban facilities such as parks, Four Points hotels and Happy Harbor are equipped there.


Through the driving and leading role of the comprehensive transportation hub, the Gu'an City Terminal will become a new landmark for urban development and a new engine for regional economic development, injecting the strong momentum into the high-quality development of the regional economy.