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First regular civil flight between Sansha and Haikou launched

Date: 2016.12.26

On 20th December, 2016, a plane took off from Meilan International Airport in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, and landed at Sansha Yongxing Airport after a one-hour flight.This was the first regular civil charter flight between Kaikou and Sansha, the southernmost island city of China in the South China Sea.


There will be one flight per day from Haikou to Yongxing Island, the city government of Sansha. The flight takes off from Haikou every morning, arriving on Yongxing Island at 10:20 am, while the return flight takes off at 1:00 pm. According to Sansha’s official website, the price of one-way flight is CNY 1,200 (about USD 173).


With the establishment of this new service, the quality of daily work and life of local residents in Sansha would be improved. People would have more choices to get to Yongxing rather than only by ship in the past years.


As long as receiving official permission, public servants and their relatives, fishermen and workers on Sansha can buy tickets from the airport operation company.