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First delegation of foreign expatriate in China visited Wuhan

Date: 2020.11.27 Author: Rosie Wu

At the end of October, inbound tour department of CITS successfully organized the first foreign group tour to visit Wuhan after the epidemic. The delegation is composed of 42 foreign guests from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Uruguay, Greece, Peru, Latvia and other countries. All of them are working in Beijing.


During the 4-day trip in Wuhan, the delegation visited Leishenshan Hospital, Optics Valley Exhibition Center, Hankou concession (Lihuangpi Road), Zhiyin Cruise Ship, Hubei Provincial Museum, Jiqing Street and other scenic spots, feeling the enthusiasm of Wuhan citizens and the charm of the city at close distance.


The city of Wuhan obliterated by the virus earlier in the year has recovered and is opening its arms to tourism once again. The local government has also implemented a policy since the beginning of August to allow free admission to its top-level scenic spots for all visitors until the end of the year. This strategy to reignite tourism both locally and nationally is something other virus-stricken destinations can surely learn from.


China's domestic public transportation system is working safely as passengers are ready for stringent COVID travel measures, such as wearing masks during the whole journey. In airports, hazmat-suit-wearing staff will both take temperature and check Health Kit app of passengers. Everyone should travel with China’s digital health codes, a track and trace system, has been one of the most effective managements preventing virus spread.