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Exciting Snow & Ice Festival Held in Inner Mongolia

Date: 2017.11.28 Author: Rosie Wu

Hulun Buir, a city famous for its surrounding grass field in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has launched the 2017 Ice & Snow Festival.

Hulun Buir’s Ice & Snow Festival can be traced back to 1999 when herdsmen there firstly realized they could develop local tourism by their gifted nature and culture resources, hence the first-ever Ice & Snow Festival appeared in 2000.

During the festival, visitors and tourists will see traditional performances only shown at Mongolian Naadam Festivals in autumns. Visitors will be surprised and amazed at fierce horse-racing, camel-racing, Mongolian wrestling and art of archery as well. In addition, tourists could experience some interesting activities by themselves such as slide on the snow-land by horses or by camels, or have some exciting high-speed snow-motorbike tour.