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Direct airline opened between Haikou and Sydney

Date: 2018.01.31 Author: Phyllis Wang

A direct airline opened by Hainan Airlines between Haikou-the provincial capital of Hainan, the largest special economic zone and Sydney-the number one city in Australia, on Jan.30, 2018, which also means the officially open-up of the first direct intercontinental airline between Hainan and Oceania. The new direct airline is operated by Airbus 330 aircraft with 36 seats of business class and 260 seats of economy class. In order to make passengers’ trip more convenient, Hainan Airlines provide family packages and business class shuttles and the like.

The new service is running on a schedule of two flights a week- Tuesday and Sunday leaving from Haikou, Monday and Wednesday leaving from Sydney. Flights depart from Haikou at 6:50pm, and reach Sidney at 7:15am the next day; return from Sidney at 9:15am and arrive at Haikou at 3:55pm.

Haikou is also called “the city of coconuts”, which is an important part of “Belt and Road”. Besides, it is the centre of politics, economy, technology and culture of Hainan Island with gorgeous seascape, historical sites and tropical, coastal, and urban scenery. Sydney, the number one city in Australia, is also the provincial capital of New South Wales. Sydney is the centre of economy, culture, politics and tourism in Australia, as well as a celebrated international metropolis. It has been rated as one of the most livable cities in the world by the United Nations many times.

The open-up of direct airline between Haikou and Sydney not only promotes the development of the two cities’tourism, but also makes contributions towards international commercial intercourse and deepening cultural exchange between the two countries.