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Cultural relics from Palace Museum exhibited in Shanxi Province

Date: 2018.10.10 Author: Celia Tang

"2018 Taiyuan & Palace Museum Cultural Relics Exhibition" was opened on October 1st in Taiyuan Museum, Shanxi Province. More than 1,000 cultural relic pieces from the Palace Museum met with the audience. This is the first exhibition after the opening of Taiyuan Museum.


 The exhibition will last until March 31st, 2019. The exhibition altogether has 7 themes including Shouqing, Palace gongs, imperial kiln porcelain, famous paintings and calligraphy, Ming and Qing style buildings, old photos and digital palace.


One of the most attractive exhibitions is the digital palace. It uses vivid films, interactive actions and other ways to explain the culture and stories behind the Forbidden City from the aspects of ancient architecture, historical events and cultural relic collection.


The president of the Palace Museum, Shan Yuxiang, said that after 10 years’ hard work, he had made clear of the cultural relics in the National Palace Museum. There were altogether 1,862,690 pieces of the cultural relics. The Palace Museum has begun to cooperate with other museums in the country, in order to let more people have the awareness of heritage sites.