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Come to Chongqing Garden Expo Park for flowers

Date: 2021.03.18 Author: Celia Tang

Chongqing Garden Expo Park is regarded as one of the “Top 10 Flower-viewing Destinations in Chongqing” and the “Most Beautiful Park in Chongqing”. The theme of this year’s flower exhibition is “Beauty at the Park, Fun at the Park, and Enchantment at the Park”. The exhibition will be held from March 8 to May 5, 2021.


During this period, the park will launch the Flower Viewing Photography Competition, Tiktok Competition, cultural performance, “Enjoy Family Time” parent-child interaction, “Listen to the Sounds of Spring” concert and other interesting activities. There, visitors can enjoy the flowers and the joy of activities at the same time.


In addition, more than 20 kinds of flowers such as cherry blossom, camellia, azalea, Malus spectabilis and Michelia figo have bloomed one after another in the park, showing softness and beauty. The 2,000 peach blossoms along the Bayu Garden and the lake in the Park are particularly pink against the blue sky and white clouds.