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Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport to complete the first flight later

Date: 2020.12.14 Author: Celia Tang

According to Chongqing Wulong Transportation Bureau, Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport is speeding up the preparatory work before the official opening of the airport. According to the plan, the first flight will be completed in the late December.


By the end of November, Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport has fully achieved the completion and acceptance of the project, calibration flight, test flight and other work, and is scheduled to pass the industry acceptance in the early December, and obtain the Airport Operating License in mid-December to fully meet the navigational conditions.


In addition, the airport will be officially opened in the summer and autumn season of 2021 after the completion of the first flight, because of its altitude of 1,800 meters and winter weather dominated by rain and snow and fog, which adversely affects navigation.


At present, Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport has officially confirmed a total of eight routes, and other routes will be opened in the future.