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Chongqing Baren Museum opens Jiulong Rubbing Exhibition

Date: 2019.03.29 Author: Celia Tang

Chongqing Baren Museum kicks off Jiulong Rubbing Exhibition from March 22nd to April 15th. The exhibition will bring people a chance to enjoy 30 precious rubbings which have never been exhibited before. Through the exhibition, visitors can see a different Jiulongpo District.


A plaque from Emperor Qianlong’s reign period in the Qing Dynasty, a plaque showing Chinese traditional ethical ideas and a plaque representing the marriage are showed on the exhibition. Many activities will be held during the exhibition like making rubbings, reading ancient words and others. People can experience traditional rubbing skills on the spot and take part in some activities to feel the charm of traditional culture.


Jiulongpo District in Chongqing is a historical city, and many precious cultural relics like inscriptions, epigraphs and plaques were discovered here, which have high artistic value and historical valued. Last year, the researchers visited many areas of Jiulongpo District continuously and collected over 300 rubbings. The rubbings founded by the researchers show abundant resources in history, archaeology and sociology aspect, though they are not been recorded in historical documents.